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For me, your health is personal!

After struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin and lose unwanted weight for years, I finally decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to conquer my own health issues has turned into a holistic approach that has supported women to step into who they really are and confidently show up in their lives like never before.


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4 Simple Shifts To Transform your Health Now.

Stop obsessing about food, counting calories, and eliminate self-sabotage without feeling overwhelmed, shameful, or guilty!

  • Let go of unwanted weight naturally and embrace the quality of life you know you want and deserve, even if it seems impossible right now. 
  • Learn how to create a belief system, routines, and habits around nutrition, mindset, and movement that feels good to you!
  • Tap into strategies I teach my clients so they can not only transform their health with ease, grace but having tons of fun!
  • Whether you have been struggling on different diets for YEARS… or are just feeling stuck… Either way, this is for you! 

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night


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Top 5 Foods to Ease Anxiety


Do you ever feel like living a healthy lifestyle is an unattainable goal in the hustle and bustle of your life? In today’s episode, I sat down with Kathleen Healy-holistic health coach, the business owner, and mom. She shares the top five foods that you can use to help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, along with easy and attainable ways to incorporate them into your daily routine.



Does food affect confidence? with Kathleen Healy

Kathleen is a Holistic Health Coach. She focuses on Nutrition Mindset and Movement.  

Take a listen if you are interested in getting healthy in the new year so that it lasts forever.







Boost Your Energy to be a Better Leader and Mom with Kathleen Healy

We know that we need to take care of our physical wellbeing, but the dreaded mom guilt always seems to get in the way.

Our guest today, holistic health coach and teacher, Kathleen Healy has some fun, motivating, and practical solutions for that so what we can find ways to boost our energy, benefitting all those who we lead (especially the littlest ones.)


How to be your best self for 2022

I asked Kathleen on to the show because I know how typical it is that we start January feeling fed up when we’ve over indulged over Christmas. Or, we decide to follow one more round of New Year’s resolutions.

It isn’t that we’re not committed, I believe in setting goals at any time of year, but when it comes to dieting, the whole concept feels fraught with stress...




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What Others are Saying...


Kathleen is FANTASTIC! She helped me change my relationship with food. This is not a diet consultation; it truly is a lifestyle change.

Kathleen is a great coach. She celebrates your victories and is there to support you on those weeks when you do not see the expected results.

My wife and I lost over 65 pounds in the three months we worked with Kathleen. 

I feel better physically and mentally, and my clothes fit better too. Thank you, Kathleen!






My weight was off the charts and I was tired of feeling crummy all the time because of my poor food choices. 

Working with Kathleen was great because we came up with reasonable adjustments that led to dramatic results. I ended up losing almost 40 pounds in the 12 weeks I worked with her. I recommend Kathleen to anyone who wants to get healthier but may not know where to start.



I started working with Kathleen because I had come to really dislike what I saw in the mirror. I was at my heaviest weight after having gained pounds consistently over the pandemic, and just couldn’t find the motivation to start to lose again. Kathleen‘s program was both simple and effective. With instructions like following the “Key 3” principle of a (1) fat, (2) fiber, and (3) protein in every meal, and simple mantras like “mostly plants, not too much”, it kept things easy to follow and helped me really focus on what mattered. Soon I found myself reading labels at grocery stores a lot more carefully, reducing my carbs and sugar, and getting 10,000 steps in each day. I lost over 20 pounds over my first three months with Kathleen, and feel like I finally have the motivation I need for a sustainable change in my daily habits going forward.


I have been battling my emotional attachment to food my entire life. It has dictated my every thought, has taken me down the dark path of bulimia and over exercising. In my adult life, it still permeates my life. I try my best to live a happy and healthy life; however, I feel like I am forever in chains.

I needed something different. I didn’t care for therapy and when I spoke to Kathleen, her vision, enthusiasm, and passion really resonated with me.

I am reflecting on this two months after the program ended. I do not recall the exact moment; however, two months out and I feel the difference. I went to Europe for three weeks right after the program ended, and one of the first things I did was purchase a blender so I could make my green drinks every morning. So much that Kathleen taught me I have kept in my life; it has become part of my routine and my habits.

Having someone like Kathleen on my side. Someone who knows and understands what I am going through. Someone who pushes me and challenges me to show up for my best self, but at the same time doesn’t judge me when I take one step back. I think the constant contact was one of the most helpful things for me. If I was having a bad day, craving with myself, or had a question about food, I could text Kathleen and she would immediately responding. 

Although this is our personal journey, everyone needs help sometimes.

I would describe Kathleen Healy as the ideal health coach. She is caring, passionate, dedicated (oh so dedicated to her work and to her clients), empathetic, and motivated. Kathleen knows when to push and when to stand next to you and remind you that you are doing great. She is your biggest fan. Despite having a family, she makes you feel like you are her priority. Kathleen is very passionate about what she does and it is evident by her continuous learning and sharing. 

I  have already recommended her!!! I would recommend Kathleen to the women (and men!) out there that feel lost, that feel like they are stuck and will always be stuck. I recommend her to the people who want to make a serious change and invest in their health. I do not recommend her to those who hope for a quick fix or diet. This is not a fad diet! Kathleen will help you make changes in your everyday life.


For the past 3 years, I have had challenges with weight gain and low energy. After moderate success with various commercial diets (macro counting, Ideal Protein, Medi Weight loss) and then a relapse once I stopped the diet, I knew I needed to find something that would allow me to educate myself on food choices and change my lifestyle. I saw a friend of mine in person at a business meeting and she looked amazing - and I asked what she was doing...and she explained her work with Kathleen. Her emphasis was on how Kathleen addressed the root cause and the education on food choices - which is something I desperately needed. After my first consultation, I was sold and had high hopes for our work together. One week it was when I started to feel a difference -Kathleen talks about a green drink (not a shake). My body was physically craving these after 3-4 days - which Kathleen explained as "my body was starving for nutrients". Clearly too many years of eating protein bars and/or not eating enough real food caught up with me.... the education of the value of real food was critical - as was the concept of movement. As someone that has a high-stress desk job, and who is on video calls for the majority of the day, Kathleen made me realize that it is ok to step away - to take time for myself - and to do things for myself before logging in each morning. Kathleen Healy was able to support me to work towards these goals by getting to the root cause of my issue - we talked a lot about my work habits and how that was not an excuse for not being healthy or finding time for a walk or a healthy meal. The most significant overall change I have noticed since starting the program has been my craving for real food remains.....and if I dont have my green drink, I can physically feel it. I would describe Kathleen Healy as funny, focused, passionate and a great listener I would recommend Kathleen Healy to anyone that is willing to do the work and change their lifestyle.



Kathleen is FANTASTIC! She really helped me change my relationship with food. We found several simple solutions early on that were easy to implement and maintain. This resulted in some quick wins for us and kept us motivated as we made these changes. This is not a diet consultation; it truly is a lifestyle change and the improvements she makes are maintainable. We are more consistent in our workouts and daily walks and I am more aware of the ingredients that I use when I am cooking.

Kathleen is a great coach and supporter as you establish your new habits. She celebrates your victories and she is there to support you on those weeks when you do not see the results that you expect. Together, my wife and I lost over 65 pounds in the three months we worked with Kathleen. I feel better physically and mentally and my clothes fit better too. Thank you Kathleen!

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