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If there is one thing I am willing to bet on, it's myself.


Hi, I'm Kathleen Christopher Healy


This is my Story

I was walking into Walmart and was headed towards the latest weight loss pills and powders. As I was reaching for the new weight loss shake, I paused and thought, is this gonna fail me like the last 20 attempts? Right there and then I put down my basket of protein bars, powders and pills and literally said under my breath.. Something has to change. 


At that moment, I realized that products, although they may appear healthy, pretty and trendy, were not going to help me.  I realized I had to do something different. As a result, I didn’t recognize myself in pictures, comments from family and friends stung more each time, and I untagged myself constantly. I had bought every v-neck black shirt, tried counting calories, in and out of weight watchers, spent hours on the elliptical. I thought I was doing the “right thing!”


In the middle of Walmart, I thought, surely there has to be normal women out there who have not only lost the weight naturally but kept it off. So I started studying, researching, listening, reading and talking about all things nutrition, mindset and movement and yes, it took me 7 years to finally figure it out!


There was a part of me that forgot how good it felt to feel good, it impacted my life so much that it changed the trajectory of my career from marketing in NYC to become a NYS physical education teacher (my parents thought I was crazy) but I didn’t want anyone to suffer the way I did and I figured if I could teach children these four things I would be able to save them from years of beating themselves up over weight loss, prevent them from wasting money on powders and pills, save them time from being in out of “diet programs”  and time waiting in the doctor's office , eventually having to be put on medication. 


I know there are good hearted, hard working women out there who are suffering like I did, spinning their wheels, losing the same 20lbs over and over again, going back and forth between settling and then starting something new every Monday. I connect with women on a deep level and support them in making 4 Simple Shifts to be able to finally take control of their health even if it seems impossible. My goal is to empower 1,000 women this year to heal themselves back to their health and feel ALIVE again!


Kimberly Suarez, CLC


Kimberly Suarez, CLC is a DONA Trained Birth Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor whose own experiences inspired her to become a birth coach. A marketing professional from NYC and mother of two, Kimberly pivoted into a role that would allow her to talk about her passion for a living.  She describes the birth of her daughter as the most challenging, yet rewarding moment of her life, and her son, a high she never truly came down from.   Kimberly soon found herself enthralled in the experiences of others and made it her mission to instill knowledge and confidence into new and expect families. With an unconditional and personalized touch, Kimberly aspires to be the Little Sister every woman deserves.

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