4 Simple Shifts to Transform your Health Now!

This class is for you if you are are feeling frustrated in the vicious dieting cycle, who want to stop obsessing about food, lose weight naturally and embrace the quality of life you know you want and deserve, even if it seems impossible right now.

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 I’ll assess and evaluate your eating habits, your mindset, and movement patterns to identify what's working for your health, what's not working and what you desire for your body.
Then  I will then design and create a blueprint to support you in achieving your wellness goals in a way that suits your lifestyle.
We’ll communicate consistently every single day over the course of 90 days ( yes even the weekends and holidays) to assure that you set yourself up for success, follow through and are held accountable around nutrition, mindset and movement.

With the help of Kathleen and her push for me to read, listen, and grow, I was brave enough to try things I never would have done before. She gave me the courage to eat clean for 30 days straight without tracking and counting leading me to diet that no longer consists of processed low fat/ low cal or counting to and a lifestyle that mostly embraces healthy fats and whole foods, focusing on eating foods that nourish my body and make me feel good. 

Kara, Teacher and New Mom

4 Simple Shifts To Transform Your Health Now!
In this Masterclass, you will  learn how to create a belief system, routines and habits around nutrition, mindset and movement that feels good to you! Whether you have been struggling for YEARS… or are just feeling stuck… Either way this is for you!
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