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The approach is highly individualized and includes work in emotional eating, mindset, blood sugar balance, boundary setting, stress management, movement, digestion, sleep, and depending on your lifestyle ( travel, stay-at-home mom, night shifts) we dive into more.

There is strength in vulnerability and being able to sit with you and push past your fears is where we get through the times when we might just want to give up… or go on another diet. 

12 Weeks to Transform your Health Package Includes:

60 minute deep dive initial consultation 

I start with a health history where we will get clear on your exact vision and goals for your health. We will get clear on what is not working, what is working and your exact vision and goals for your health. Together we will review nutrition, mindset and movement habits and  behaviors.

60 minute Bi- weekly follow up sessions

You will receive a workbook along with 5 episodes to watch and answer questions to create your personalized food blueprint.Meetings generally take place every other week where we discuss challenges, celebrations, and dive deep into your habits and beliefs around health. Clients receive a  detailed follow up with actionable steps specific towards your health goals.

Daily accountability

The most unique and effective aspect of the program  is that you and I will connect every single night for three months through email, text and phone.  You will tell me how your day went, what you ate, we will celebrate together and manage obstacles and challenges together. You will receive the accountability, inspiration and motivation to create lasting health. We are truly IN IT together;)

Meditations, Guides, Recipes, Workouts, Journal Prompts, Cooking Demos and so much more!

Depending on your specific challenges and lifestyle you will receive FUN homework to support you in implementing the actionable steps taken to hit your goals!